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10 Best Hardwood Floor Tips

If you’re looking for hardwood floor tips whether you’ve already installed hardwood floors or are planning to do so yourself or hire a hardwood floor contractor, then here are some quick tips and some money-saving tips to keep in mind.

  1. Do plenty of research online and at your local hardwood floor dealers before you make any decisions or purchases. You want to fully understand prefinished and unfinished hardwoods. Talk to the salespeople and take a close look at the hardwoods. If you can’t do this in person then go to some websites online and read all you can. Hardwood floors can be an expensive investment in your home and you want to know what the best flooring is based on your budget. Understand the various types of woods and the variation in prices. You can choose a less expensive hardwood and still have a beautiful floor.
  2. If you don’t plan to do-it-yourself and plan to hire a hardwood floor contractor get quotes from at least four of them. Make sure to ask for references and if possible check their work out at the installation locations. Hardwood costs have a broad range in price from cheaper hardwoods to the more expensive woods. There are many types to choose from including exotic, oak, Brazilian oak, cherry, maple, etc. And many manufacturers including Bruce, Shaw, Mohawk, Mannington and Armstrong, Quotes can vary widely. You can save a lot of money if you take a little time to compare.
  3. Try not to use any water on the finished flooring. If you have to use any cleaners make sure they are neutral PH hardwood floor cleaners. Spray or buff them on for the safest approach.
  4. If you need to find out how old an old floor is, take a look at the edge wherever you can find it or look at the top of the flooring to see if there are any nails showing through or any groves that are broken thus with gaps in the hardwood flooring. A hardwood floor can last for many, many years and it may not take much work or expense to refinish it.
  5. Kitchens are not a good place to install a hardwood floor. The kitchen is subject to too much spilled water, cooking fluids and food messes. If your kitchen has them now, clean up any spills just as soon as they happen to prevent any damage to them. Also before you install them consider this -when the day comes that you want to sell your house, prospective buyers might be turned off by hardwood floors in the kitchen. Save lots of money now by not installing them in the kitchen. Use more appropriate kitchen flooring instead.
  6. The cheapest quotes you get from a hardwood floor contractor may not save you any money. If the contractor is considerably cheaper they may not be including some of the important steps in the installation, sanding and finishing. You could end up with a rougher finish or stain color that’s not even. Eventually the finish may peel or the boards may gap and squeak. Have the contractor outline specifically what they are going to do for you.
  7. To finish hardwood flooring use three coats of polyurethane or three coats of lacquer finish, but in any event make sure to use four coats or more of a water-based finish. Any high use area such as kitchens and entries will need an extra coat of finish.
  8. If you have urine-stained hardwood, repairing or cutting out the stained wood usually is easier than trying to bleach and refinish the area while trying to protect the unstained part of the flooring.
  9. Try to keep the room humidity levels to a relative humidity of 45% to 55%. This may be difficult to do if you live in an extreme weather environment. But at least avoid extreme humidity changes that amount to 25% or more to protect your floors.
  10. Make sure to have everyone leave their shoes at the door when entering your house. This is one of the best ways to preserve your floors, reduce wear and tear on your home and keep out harmful bacteria, viruses and other organisms as well.

These are just a few of the best tips to save your hardwood floors and save you money.

Simple Plumbing Tips That Can Help You Save on Plumbing Costs

Most of us are very concerned with saving money these days. Perhaps more so than ever before. Yes, most of us are and if we can find new ways that can help us in saving money then we are definitely going to try that out. A major reason why we are all so concerned with saving is because of the high costs of almost everything that you can think of. So if we can somehow save money by cutting down on some costs, then that is certainly a very good thing.

At home, there are so many things that we can do to cut down on costs, resulting in savings that could be used for other important things in the future. There are things that you can just do yourself, so that you would no longer need to hire the services of professionals that need to be paid, and most of the fees that they charge do not exactly come cheaply.

Plumbing is one of the things at home that you could save some costs on and thus help your finances. Even though we know that fixing and/or replacing plumbing fixtures might possibly require the services of a professional, there are still some things that you could do yourself. All you need are some tips that will help you out, although the more complicated stuff surely needs experts working on it.

The following are some plumbing tips that could provide easy help for you and allow you to save on plumbing costs:

  • Inspect your toilet to see if there are any possible leaks. To check for leaks, use food coloring. About six drops of food coloring that’s added to the tank of the water closet will help you determine if there are any. If there’s a leak, color will be visible in the toilet bowl after about half an hour.


  • You should check out every faucet that you have in your home, as well as the connections of the fixtures, to see if there are any leaks. If you can, then you should repair the leaks yourself in order to save money and keep expenditures down.


  • While you are inside the toilet and inspecting it, look for any signs of cracks or any possible source of the leaks. Check if the flush is working properly, and should you notice that you need to press down on the handle longer than usual just for it to work, then it might be time to replace some of the more worn out parts of the water tank.


  • If the water heater that you are using at home happens to be more than 15 years old, then it is already time for you to replace it. Newer water heater models are more energy efficient than the older ones.


  • If you have drains at home that are not frequently used, then you should pour down about one gallon of water into it to prevent any unsavory odors from going inside your home. Make sure that floor drains are included in those that you’ll pour water into.

When you call us, day or night, we guarantee to dispatch one of our licensed, insured and fully qualified plumbing experts to come and take care of your plumbing needs immediately. No wait. No worries.

Hardwood Flooring Tips

When you decide to look for hardwood flooring there are a few tips that can help you make the experience a lot less stressful and less work.

First tip might sound obvious but it still amazes me that people do not shop around. By shopping around, I don’t mean spending hours walking around flooring outlets. Simply use the rule of three, this means getting three prices for the hardwood that you are interested in. I have found three price quotes is more than enough to give you a good overview of the market. There are only so many stores and they are all competing against each other.

The second tip is to do a bit of research online before you start looking to buy, this gives you a good idea of the market and will prepare you for the pricing you can expect in store. This will also help you stick to the budget, so you do not overspend.

The third bit of advice involves a bit of math, by this I mean know your sizes before you go to buy any hardwood flooring. There is nothing worse than finding the flooring you want but you don’t know your room sizes, it could mean you miss out on a great deal or worse you end up buying too much or too little wood for your floor. So take the time before you leave home and measure up the areas required.

The fourth tip is to take a good-sized vehicle and some help with you when you go to buy your flooring. If in doubt about lifting heavy loads don’t, seek assistance or see if the store will deliver your flooring. It might cost you to get it delivered, but better that than risking your health. Hardwood usually comes boxed and if you need a few boxes, then it is going to be heavy. So you will need help loading up and taking it out. Also remember your car will need to support you and a heavy load of wood, so check the seats fold down and that the suspension is in good working order.

My fifth tip is to remember the extras. Hardwood flooring may come boxed and ready to put down, but you will also need underlay and beading. If you plan to fit the flooring yourself, prepare the room in advance and make sure the room is cleared of any furniture or other potential hazards.

My last tip is hiring someone else to fit the flooring. Unless you are in the industry, or an enthusiast, I still think it is worth paying someone to do a good professional job. Ask friends or family to recommend a good floor layer and of course get three quotes for the cost to lay the flooring. I honestly think spending a few extra dollars to get your hardwood flooring fitted properly is worth every penny, the job will be done right and will look great. Why spend all that money on good quality hardwood,only to cut up in to pieces!

Top 10 Rubber Flooring Tips

Rubber flooring offers many outstanding benefits. It can be used in many different areas in both residential and commercial properties. The selection of rubber flooring, mats and tiles is extensive, giving everyone a chance to find the most suitable rubber products for their upgrades, maintenance, or remodelling projects.

If you are unfamiliar with rubber products and rubber flooring, the following tips may come in extremely handy. Read them carefully, especially if you contemplating a flooring project.

  1. Floor selection– Rubber flooring is very versatile, and can be used in many situations. Sadly enough, there are still areas in a home or business where rubber floors are not recommended. This includes kitchens, as rubber surfaces are not resistant to hot oils, fats, and petroleum based materials.
  2. Indoor floor maintenance– Even the most durable floors need to be maintained. By washing your floor surface regularly with the right cleaning products, they will remain beautiful longer. Your floors will also last longer. Never use harsh chemicals or steel scrubbing pads. They will damage your rubber flooring. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  3. Outdoor floor maintenance– Remove debris by sweeping the area, or by hosing it down.
  4. Shopping advice– You can buy traditional or recycled rubber flooring from a local floor supplier, or from an online vendor. Either way, always verify that the company you are dealing with is reputable. If you have doubts, ask for references.
  5. Comparison shop– Whether you are browsing for floors, mats, tiles, or any other rubber products, never finalize an order until you know you have been offered the best possible price. Some dealers will actually lower their prices to match those of their competitors.
  6. Measurements– Always measure twice. Buying too much flooring is not a real problem, as most retailers will accept returns. Left-overs can also be used in other areas around your home or shop. On the other hand, buying too little may become a huge problem, especially if the supplier runs out of stock. Your project will be on hold, and may also end up with a colour difference between the first and second batch of flooring materials.
  7. Floor installation– Installing interlocking rubber tiles is not very difficult. However, it is advisable to read the installation instruction before putting on your tool belt, and request additional information from your flooring supplier if any questions arise.
  8. Design preparations– If you want to use several colours, create your design before you order your materials. When you just guess at the amounts you need, you may end with too much of one kind, and too little of another.
  9. Floor thickness– Unless you are a professional, who is familiar with rubber flooring, consult with a flooring expert to determine what thickness your flooring should have. The more traffic and abuse your floors have to endure, the thicker they should be.
  10. Discounts – Whenever you plan a remodelling project or upgrade, immediately start a search for sales and discounts. If you know a promotion is coming up, hold off with your order until the price reduction takes effect. Waiting a few weeks can save you a bundle of money, which you can then use to buy matching drapery or wall decorations

Shine On With Easy Care Wood Flooring Tips

Flooring can make a huge difference in the looks of a home. There are many things available that you can do to cover the floors from carpeting to vinyl to tile. Wood flooring is becoming very popular once again. Many people like the looks of a wood floor. From centuries back, floors were covered with wood as a main floor covering. It wasn’t until carpeting became popular that floors had any other covering. Throw rugs were placed over the wood flooring just for decoration, but most of the older homes used wood as the main flooring choice. This article will talk about some of the wood flooring choices available and how they can still shine on in the days and future days ahead.

You might be surprised to find out what is under the carpeting in many older homes. If you were to pull up the carpet, you might find wood flooring underneath. Because hardwood floors were so popular, many of the older homes still have that type of flooring under the transformed look of carpeting. The older hardwood floors required a lot of sanding and polishing. It was quite a task to shine them up. You might have had to use a buffer after waxing them to create the luster of shine you were after. Then wood flooring progressed and someone came out with wood floor wax that you just mopped on with a wet mop.

Wood flooring has come a long ways. You can still buy real hardwood such as oak to lay down, but most of the wood now days is treated and requires little polishing. The wood may already have a high luster of shine to it originally when you purchase it and all you may have to do is mop it. You can now buy wood flooring that looks like real wood, but isn’t. It is very durable, already has a high shine to it and all you have to do to clean it is dust or sweep and mop. Much of the wood flooring available today, you can lay yourself. It can be a tongue and groove where each piece attaches to each other or you can get the wood flooring pieces that you simply match up the grain lines and glue down.

You can find wood flooring in most home improvement stores or flooring stores. With all the varieties available you may want to do a little research as to the best one available in your budget and needs. Wood flooring is beautiful and can be found in many different types of homes today. You don’t have to own a log house to have wood flooring.

Residential Flooring Tips

As any homeowner may know, remodeling can be a huge undertaking that can potentially have cost overruns and additional headaches. However, with a few tips to keep in mind, you can keep costs in check and dramatically increase the life of new flooring.

When considering new residential flooring, one has to bear in mind the condition of their current floor. Subfloors may need preparation including patching or leveling. Additionally, depending upon the age and condition of the current floor, a new wood underlayment may be recommended. These components, to any flooring project let alone the installation of a new floor, are typically overlooked by homeowners and subsequently catch them for surprise. Yet, with the underlying preparation, you with dramatically increase the performance and life of your new flooring installation.

One should also note that moldings, wall bases, and toe kick guards will be removed prior to installation. It’s generally recommended that a flooring specialist handle such removal so as to prevent unnecessary damage to the molding and reinforce the possibility of reinstallation after a new floor is laid. The installation of a new floor, however, could be an ideal time to upgrade your molding, wall bases, and kick guards particularly if you’re opting for a radical redesign. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from on the market, essentially guaranteeing a consistent match with new flooring.

New flooring may also require readjustments to appliance and door placement. If your opting for a significantly more thick flooring consistency, make sure you and your flooring contractor discuss door heights so as to allow doors to freely swing above the new floor. Appliances, likewise, may need readjustment to sit level with the new floor.

When choosing your floor material, make sure you take into account the room’s daily use. Kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic area that susceptible to spills and water damage. Vinyl or tile is the typical choice for new kitchen or bathroom floors, but a number of specifically formatted wood flooring options have emerged which are designed to be water resistant. Living rooms and bedrooms, on the other hand, tend to be more decorative in nature. Hence, you have greater leeway in selecting the proper color and texture of a new living room or bedroom flooring. One should, however, account for the overall decor of the space.

Finally, once the new floor has been laid and life has returned to normal after the flooring installation, homeowners must consider proper care and maintenance to ensure their residential floor’s extended lifetime. There are a number of flooring sealants, each tailored to a specific flooring material, that can protect your household’s floors and lead to long a lifespan.